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Prisms: A Reflection on the history of Review for Religious by the editor Michael Harter SJ

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Ignatian Spirituality

Were Not Our Hearts Burning with Us? We are Sent

Kathleen Huges RSCJ explores the provocative parallels between the Four Weeks of the Spiritual Exercises and the four-part rhythm of the Eucharist as two ways we are caught up in the work of God in Christ, and two invitations to replicate the whole life, death, and rising of Jesus. This article was one of the keynote presentations at Ignatian Spirituality Conference V held in St. Louis, Missouri July 21-24, 2011. Sister Kathleen former professor of Word and Worship at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and former provincial of her order's United States province, is currently a mission consultant in the Network of Sacred Heart Schools. Her email is <>.

Excerpts: "Both the Eucharist and the Spiritual Exercises interrupt our ordinary time with extraordinary grace. . . What commitment do we make when we say 'Amen'. . . Foot washing is not just a way of life but an attitude of heart, a kneeling before the other in reverence."

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Without the Drama: The Transition from the Third to Fourth Week of the Spiritual Exercises

Ronald Mercier SJ explores how those who make the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius are invited to enter into a grand silence where they contemplate the empty space without answers that follows the crucifixion—the space that remains the context of our lives, the place of our ministries, and the space within which joy dawns for those who know the Risen Lord. Father Mercier SJ is associate professor of theology at Saint Louis University and rector of the community where Jesuit scholastics pursue the study of philosophy and theology. He may be contacted through his email <>.

Excerpts: "We contemplate one who embraces utter powerlessness, not 'muscular humanity.' . . .If we remain spectators of the Passion, what also become remote is the real joy of the Fourth Week. . . . This really is a new Annunciation but one that asks Mary—and us—to go on mission for the Trinity with the Risen Lord. . . . Joy is not simply a moment of happiness but a consistent mode of being."


Finding or Seeking God in All Things: A Few Cautionary Notes

Peter J. Schineller researches the phrase "finding God in all things," common in writings about Ignatian spirituality, and discovers that it is rare in the writings of Ignatius. He finds that phrases such as "searching for and seeking God in all things" more accurately describes the Ignatian approach. Father Schineller is the archivist for the New York Province. He resides at the America House in New York City. His email is <>.

Excerpts: "Seeking and finding the will of God demands prayer, reflection, seeking, mortification, time, and effort. . . . If we think it easy and possible to find God in all things, might we end up by not finding the true God—the transcendent God—in or above any things?"


Sharing Experience

The Warmth, the Will, and the Way

Ben Harrison MC is discovering that it helps him be more consistent in his spiritual journey if he is attentive to the warmth of the Spirit's presence in his heart and to the vows as an expression of the will to move deeper in his relationship with God. Brother Harrison is a Missionaries of Charity Brother. His email is<>.

Excerpts: "I need something more reliable than insights. . . The act of making vows is a statement of my desire to surrender myself absolutely to the Absolute."

Getting with the Program

A young man writes of his experience of coming to terms during the movitiate with his addiction to pornography. This article could be used profitably as a case study during a movitiate class or read as background for a community discussion. He has requested that the article be published anonymously. Please send any comments to the Editorial Office of Review for Religious or email <> and they will be forwarded.

Excerpts: "It is difficult to tell when the habit turned into an addiction, but I can certainly identify the key elements that came together to create the moster it became. . . Sex addicts, I can assure you, look just like ordinary people."

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Discernment Models

Dialogue with the Radically Other: Models of Discernment in the Old Testament

Ligita Ryliskyte MD PhD SJE explores the rich imagery of the Old Testament and offers valuable paradigms to understand spiritual discernment as a dialogue with God. In this essay she describes four models of discernment that might be distinguished in Old Testament imagery. Sister Ligita is a member of the congregation of the Sisters of Eucharistic Jesus. She leads reteats and workshops in her congregation's retreat house. Her email is <>.

Excerpt: "Prevailing against God is possible only through surrender."



Scripture Scope: Vocation and the Call to Discipleship: A Reflection on Mark 1:16-20

Eugene Hensell OSB continues his Scripture essays, a regular feature of each issue of Review for Religious. Fr. Hensell travels about giving retreats and workshops his home is at St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana. His email is: <>.

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