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Prisms: David Fleming SJ died, following a two-year bout with pancreatic cancer. His illness, provided one last opportunity for him to perfect his skills of finding God in all things. We who remain desire to lean a little longer on his wisdom, but we gratefully acknowledge how much he has left of himself—and God's spirit—with us.

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Making the Gift of Death

David L. Fleming SJ reflects during this final illness on the prayer "Take and Receive" by St. Ignatius Loyola and comes to the understanding that the ultimate gift we can make to God is the love-gift of our own death.

Excerpts: "When we try to name what we can share with God of what we have, we realize that everything we have is gift from God."

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Consecrated Life

To Live Here Below from the Beyond: Religious Vows and Apostolic Life

Sylvie Robert SA examines the relational and eschatological aspects of the classic vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to determine their specific contribution to apostolic life. Sister Sylvie teaches courses in spirituality and religious life at Centre Sèvres in Paris. <>

Excerpts: "In an ecclesiology of communion, no vocation has meaning in isolation. . . . Religious life, even the most apostolic, does not consist primarily in fulfilling an ecclesial function. . . . .Just as there is no gap between contemplation and action, neither is there a gap between conversion and mission."

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Religious Life in Asia Today

Inigo Joachim SSA reflects about the international conference on the theology of religious life sponsored by the Union of Superiors General in Rome 7-12 February 2011. While consecrated life is being strongly challenged by a climate of increasing cultural secularization, she perceives the need for a certain discontinuity with preceding forms of religious life while rediscovering and incorporating a deep continuity with the radical spirit of our founders. Sister Inigo is a former superior general of the Society of the Sisters of St. Anne, Chennai, India. <>

Excerpts: "Religious life has become a profession rather than a call for radical living. . . . There is a community in every religious house, but often no communion."

Religious Formation and the Integral Psychosexual Development of Candidates

Chinyeaka C. Ezeani MSHR writes from her perspective as a woman religious from Africa about issues of psychosexual development pertinent for candidates and young persons in formation, and explores some means toward healthy sexual integration to help them live meaningful, loving, and happy lives as celibate religious. She is on the leadership team of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary, based in Dublin, Ireland. <>

Excerpts: "Catechism classes often forged a connection between sex and sin rather than a bound between sex, love, service, and spiritual integration. . . . It is important to recognize that regardless of sexual orientation, every person is a child of God and deserves love and understanding. . . . A healty sexuality is the single most powerful vehicle for fostering selflessness and joy. . . . Central to the celibate vocation is an undivided heart. . . . Verbalizing our sexual stirrings by journaling or conversations with God and appropriate others can assist us to become familiar and more at ease with our sexuality."

Focus on the Sacred Heart

Pedro Arrupe and the Renewal of the Society of Jesus: Thirty Years Later

Christopher S. Collins SJ describes how devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been fundational for his own prayer and has sustained him in his vocation. Integrating the languagew of our hearts and the Heart of Christ in prayer and our daily lives is a most effective kind of pastoral approach. Christopher is a doctoral student in the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. <>

Excerpt: "In this love, we can authentically live in the tensions that exist between being committed to faith and being committed to justice. . . I had seen images of the Sacred Heart thousands of times, but never knew exactly what it signified."

Blessed Bernard Francis de Hoyos SJ: A New Model for Youth and Young at Heart

Hedwig Lewis SJ provides insights into the life and spirituality of Bernard Francis de Hoyos, the most recent Jesuit to be beatified. On the occasion of the tercentenary of his birth, this article hightlights his qualities as a role-model for religious youth and the young at heart. Father Lewis resides in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. His books include Profile in Holiness: Brief Biograhies of Jesuit Saints. His website is

Excerpts: "Bernard's life in invested with lessons for all of our contemporaries. . . . It is important for seminarians and religious to have role models that provide a challenge and sense of direction in life. . . .Bernard acted as an instrument in the Lord' hand to motivate others to do what was beyond his reach."

Prophetic Women

Women as Prophets—Jewish, Christian, and Muslim

Patrick J. Ryan SJ writes about women who have taken on prophetic roles in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious traditions. He describes how they have spoken on God's behalf and where we might find them in our more contemporary world. Father Ryan is the McGinley Professor of Religion and Society at Fordham University. <>

Excerpts: " The prophecy of Elizabeth, sounds the leitmotive of the entire New Testament. . . .In the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, these prophetic women have unique vocations: to declare the victory of God—not the victory of fallible human beings—in their songs of joy."

A Journey of Risk: The Spirituality of Mother Angeline Teresa McCrory OCarm

John F. Russell OCarm writes of how Mother Angeline Teresa McCrory OCarm incorporated Carmelite spirituality in the community she founded to care for the elderly. Father Russell recently completed 28 years of teaching in the School of Theology at Seton Hall University. His address is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel; 10 County Road; Tenafly, New Jersey 02670.

Excerpts: " The very fact that she started our community during the Depression was an evidence of great faith. . . She never committed the sisters for long to a ministry that did not reflect the purpose of the community."


Scripture Scope: Why Read the Biblical Prophets Today?
Eugene Hensell OSB continues his Scripture essays, a regular feature of each issue of Review for Religious. Fr. Hensell travels about giving retreats and workshops his home is at St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana. His email is: <>.

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