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Prisms: Review for Religious was invited to attend a recent seminar on the theology of consecrated life. None of the participants has clear answers or simple solutions. That was not the goal of the seminar. We did, however, pledge ourselves to keep pursuing questions, exploring mystery, and sharing our discoveries. That is what Review for Religious has been doing for 70 years in simple and profound ways. We hope to be a vital medium eo enable that coversation to continue.

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Virtue Movements

Salesian Simplicity: How a "Little Virtue" Can Go a Long Way

Thomas F. Dailey OSFS examines simplicity in the teaching of St. Francis de Sales and the religius life of the Visitation of Holy Mary, founded in 1610. He proposes that their "hidden life" of "little virtues" provides meaning even for those beyond the monastery's walls. He is Professor of Theology at DeSales University, where he is also the founding director of the Salesian Center for Faith and Culture. <>

Excerpts: "What makes the possible actual is the life of virtue. . . What unites the various aspects and exercises of simplicity is the notion that this virtue entails being "transparent.". . . Simplicity, in this sense, is an attitude of being more than an attribute of action. . . . Simplicity runs counter to any interior agitation."

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Telling Our Story: Movements of Transformation

Beatrice M. Eichten OSF writes on what calls Religious to move out of a conventional life path and begin the journey of becoming and living as vowed religious.She is a spiritual director and consultor for religious communities in Winona, Minnesota. <>

Excerpts: "It is helpful to reflect on what called us to move out of a conventional life path. . . . If there is a disconnet between our story and our behavior, it gnerates discomfort and anxiety."

Ignatian Insight

Approaching the Principle and Foundation from St. Ignatius's Mystical Worldview

Edward McCormack builds on the insights of Gilles Cusson and Joseph Tetlow, and sets the Foundation within the context of Ignatius's mystical experience at Manresa and the resulting worldview in order to better understand the role the Foundation plays in the Exercises, particularly with regard to the preparatory period. He is an assistant professor of Christian spirituality and chair of the Christian Spirituality Department at Washington theological Union. <>

Excerpt: "Ignatius understood God's ever-flowing love creates all things from moment to moment. . . . The vocation of all humanity is to cooperate with Christ's mission to heal and renew the world. . . . 'To save ourselves' is Ignatian shorthand for our cooperation with the mission of the risen Lord."

Discerning Spirit: A Personal Journey

Richard J. Hauser SJ testifies to the importance of appropriating the discipline of the discernment of spirits in our daily Christian living. He is professor of theology and director of the masters program in Christian Spirituality at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. <>

Excerpts: "We have an inadequate understand of human nature and holiness. . . . Our culture fosters a secular view of human behavior. . . . Where was my heart loving and peaceful today? Where was it not?"

Consecrated Life

Apostolic Visitations: Clare of Assisi's Insights from the Thirteenth Century

John V. Kruse examines how Clare of Assisi responded nearly 800 years ago to papal visits that sought to shape the form of religious life that Clare desired to live. Her example has much to say to women religious experiencing the Vatican visitation and investigation of women religious in the United States. Dr. Kruse, a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, is an assistant professor of theology at Neumann University. <>

Excerpts: " Clare not only engaged the papal legate Cardinal Hugolino in conversation but she also deeply impressed him with the witness of her way of life. . . Clare could not and would not abandon her charism and her vision of what it meant to be a follower of Christ even at the expense of displeasing and alienating the pope himself. . . . Clare was to defend her vision of religious life to the end."

Consecrated Life in the Ecclesionlogy of Vatican II

Amy Hereford CSJ discusses the place of consecrated life in the ecclesiology of the Second Vatican Council, the new Code of Canon Law, and recent developments. She works as an attorney and canonist with CSJ Ministries, counsulting with religious institutes on a variety of legal matters. She reisdes in St. Louis, Missouri. <>

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A Grain of Hope: Canada's First Carmelite Nun

Mary Patricia of the Holy Spirit OCD and Mary Ruth of the Sacred Heart OCD recount how deep desires and a providential encounter led to the founding of the first monastery of Discalced Carmelites in Canada. Sister Mary Patricia resides in Ontario, Canada and Sister Mary Ruth lives at the Carmelite Monastery in Hertforshire, England. <>

Excerpts: "Lord, I love You, I want nothing more. I want to see You!"


Scripture Scope: Ezekiel: The Strangest of All the Old Testament Prophets
Eugene Hensell OSB continues his Scripture essays, a regular feature of each issue of Review for Religious. Fr. Hensell travels about giving retreats and workshops his home is at St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana. His email is: <>.

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Spring as Proof of the Existence of God, by Patricia Schnapp RSM – 70.2.193
Song for My Mother, by Joan SauroCSJ – 70.2.208


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