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Some of the articles in this issue of Review for Religious are interactive, having prayers, psalms, and points for personal prayer and reflection. You can find the full text of these articles and material for reflection and prayer by clicking on the GO icon next to the interactive articles. Readers are invited and encouraged to share their reflections and comments through letters or e-mails.




Prisms: The editor of Review for Religious reflects on where we find our contact with the risen Christ.



No Escape from Finitude

John Navone SJ reflects about our struggle for human growth, our development with all its limitations, in relation to our transformation through the risen Christ. Father Navone has written for our journal for more than four decades. He resides in Firenze, Italy

Excerpts: "Christian faith does not believe that the tension between desire and limits should be resolved by eliminating desire. ... Some hardship suffering, or mental anguish is the lot of everyone. ... To preach the cross is to preach the resurrection. Many of the names or titles referring to Jesus are metaphors."

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Being Burned by the Fire

Mary Joseph Schultz SCC ponders candles and fire and their symbolism in our spiritual life and growth. Sister Schultz last wrote for us in 2006, she resides at Assumption College for Sisters in Mendham, New Jersey.

Excerpts: "As I approach a fire I can choose to take one of three stances: warmth, risk, or consummation. ... Leaving the rosy, romantic glow of the fireplace to jump into the Blaze is what religious life is all about."



Duty and Daring in Hildegard and Catherine McAuley

Avis Clendenen explores episodes from the lives of two churchwomen, the 12th-century Benedictine Hildegard of Bingen and the 19th-century founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, which show the duty and daring needed then and now in leadership that is transformikng and transformational. Avis is professor of Religious Studies at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois.

Excerpts: "The Christian faith itself is built upon anamnesis .... Hildegard thrived at a time of political and religious tumult not vastly differentfrom our own. ... At the age of forty-three, Hildegard finally broke silence on the content of her inner visions. Catherine's daring social vision took her more than once to the edge of congrontation with church authority."

Weavers of God: The Warp and the Weft

Jeanne McNulty SFO,OCV, draws upon the art of weaving as an image of effort and pattern in our spiritual life. Jeanne is a secular Franciscan and a consecrated virgin, she lives in Spencer, West Virginia.

Excerpts: "An experienced weaver knows not to hurry. ... The contemplative life can easily be compared to the warp in Navajo weaving."


Being Disciples

Disciples, Faith, and Commitment

Damian C. Ilodigwe shows how Peter's forthright confession of Jesus as Sone of the living God accentuates the importance of personal encounter with the Lord for authentic discipleship. He is a priest and lecturer in philosophy at Saints Peter and Paul Major Seminary in Nigeria.

Excerpts: "Jesus brought up for discussion the topic of his identity. ... To know Jesus in his divine reality is a transorming experience, and it is our portion as Christians to attain such knowledge."

Seeing with the Eyes of Christ

Peter Schineller SJ suggests some practical ways that the imitation of Christ can become our way of seeing, thinking, and acting with the eyes, miond and hands of Christ. He writes from America House in New York.

Excerpts: "Saints live and model the Christ-life in their own day and age."

The Celibate Aunt or Uncle: Another Blessed Vocation

John J. Fisher OSFS describes the grace and gift of family as not only enriching our vocation as religious but also defining who we are as we minister to our wider, extended family in our various apostolates. He has worked for twenty years in secondary and now college education in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

Excerpts: "Prayer is a special gift we religious priests, brothers, and sisters offer to our nephews and nieces. ... We may be able to reach them simplyy because we are not their parents. ... We can also share with family our religious lives and what we have to offer from our own ministry."



Ignatian Exercising

What Is a "First Week Retreat"?

David L. Fleming SJ presents a way of understanding the First Week of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, often called "sin week," as a time that is about deepening a relationship with God. He is nearing twenty yearas as this journal's editor. This article was first published in the Indian journal "Ignis."

Excerpts: "Ignatius places the emphasis, not on dwelling on personal sins or on evil in our world, but on being grateful to a merdiful God. ... The First Week retreat was never meant to focus on and end in being shriven sinners."

Is the Church Ignatius's Fourth-Week Focus?

J. Thomas Hamel SJ suggests that the Fourth Week of the Ignatian Exercises, which deals with the appearances of the risen Christ, might take on a more ecclesial look as a kind of triptych. He is a previous author in our pages and resides at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Excerpts: "How many hidden appearances of Christ our Lord are there to our holy mother the church? ... St. Paul spans all three panels of the Ignatian triptych."


Scripture Scope:The Letters and Theology of Paul
Eugene Hensell OSB continues his Scripture essays, a regular feature of each issue of Review for Religious.

Canonical Counsel:The Lacuna Canon
Elizabeth McDonough OP continues her on-going series of canonical information and reflection. She serves as canonical counsultant for many religious communities and for several dioceses. She is Bishop Griffin Professor of Canon Law at the Pontifical College Josephinum.


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Mary, at the Hour of Her Death by Nancy G. Westerfield
Mourning by Suzanne Mayer IHM
Time by Walter Bunofsky SVD
Unveiled by Teresa Burleson

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