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Conversation: A Brave New Way of Mission

James P. McClosky CSSp envisions creating an experience of "common ground" among people of goodwill within religious congregations about the many issues that cause division. Father McCloskey writes from Congregazione dello Spirito Santo, Rome, Italy.

Excerpts: "The understanding and perception that most members of an organization share the same cultural viewpoint has moved toward an awareness that many organizations contain multiple cutures or subcultures. We know that the divisions are sinful reminders of our weakness. "

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An "Asian" Meditation on the Gift of Mission

James H. Kroeger MM reflects on the "mission motive" mentioned first by the Federation of Asian Bishops Conference: a deep sense of gratitude to God. Father Kroeger has served the missions since 1970 in the Philippines and Bangladesh. You can reach by Father Kroger by email at

Excerpts: The first moment in appreciating "gift missiology" is to become deeply conscious of the depths of God's love. God's gneerous gifts are for all peoples, whatever their religious, ethnic, or cultural background. A deep reception of God's Trinitarian gifting will result in a further gift: a personal vocation to ministry.



A Dream, Ash Wednesday, and the Word

Godelieve Theys OCSO shares a dream that has profound implications for finding God's Word alive and powerful, having always new things to say. Godelieve came from Belgium in 1962 to help found her new Cistercian home at Redwoods Abbey in Whitethorn, California.

Excerpts: "In touching the Word I was experiencing the living presence of God. Words bring us into relationship with the world around us and with our inner world as well."

Pedagogy of Prayer

John Carroll Futrell SJ reviews many aspects of our Christian prayer and suggests practical ways of making our lives more prayer-filled. Father Futrell resides at Jesuit Hall in St. Louis, Missouri.

Excerpts: "Prayer must be openness, listening, welcome... We have nearly two thousand years of reflection on the experience of Christian praying. ... God is always calling us, speaking to us in all the events of our daily lives. ... In Christian prayer there is no method more central than contemplation of the life of Jesus in the Gospels."

Pray Passionately

Brendan Kneale FSC addresses the need to bring to our prayers a passion of the sort found in the wording of many Psalms. He is on the staff of De La Salle Institute in Napa, California.

Excerpts: "Where do deep feeling, passion, and genuine love come from? "



Consecrated Life

The Institute of Impracticalities: The Financial Support of Monasteries

Clifford Stevens cautions that, as soon as the mere support of the monastery becomes the primary concern, "practicality" takes over and Divine Providence goes right out the window. He lives at the Tintern Monastery in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

Excerpts: "Monks work hard, but simply are not concerned about where their money will come from."

Enclosure and Other Ways to Widen One's Horizons

M. Regina van den Berg FSGM argues that the experiences that travel and the media make possible are often escapes from reality, while the limited environment of the enclosure can widen our horizons. Regina taught philosophy at Seminary Rolduc in the Netherlands, she recently moved to St. Louis, Missouri.

Excerpts: "However interesting the people we meet on journeys or through the internet, they may leave our inner world untouched."

Religious Brotherhood Today

Anthony Malaviaratchi CSSR sets forth the challenges facing religious brothers' congregations, especially within the South Asian context. He is involved in retreat work in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Excerpts: "Congregations of brothers, therefore, need to ask: How can we be prophetic today? ... The history of salvation unequivocally offers all believers a plan of action in time of crisis."


Spiritual Supports

Room for Sacramental Reconciliation?

Vincent Genovesi SJ presents a solid theological and pastoral response to the questions raised about the usefulness or necessity of the rite of reconiliation. He is a professor of theology and campus minister at Saint Joseph's University in Merion Station, Pennsylvania.

Excerpts: "All sins of commission are expressions of 'the one great sin of omission, failure to love.'... Whenever we hurt someone, we also hurt all those, including God, who love and care about that person. ... Our participation in the sacrament of reconciliation is a faith-event, an expression of our faith."

Mentors Mentored: Spiritual Companionship with a Saint

Lou Ella Hickman IWBS shares her experience of choosing St. Edith Stein to be her mentor as she mentors others on their spiritual journey. She lives in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Excerpts: "Spiritual companionship with a saint is a dynamic relationship."


Scripture Scope:Reading the Sermon on the Mount Eugene Hensell OSB continues his Scripture essays, a regular feature of each issue of Review for Religious. Canonical Counsel: Personal Records of Community Members Elizabeth McDonough OP continues her on-going series of canonical information and reflection. She serves as canonical counsultant for many religious communities and for several dioceses. She is Bishop Griffin Professor of Canon Law at the Pontifical College Josephinum.


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